Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

What an beautiful day for a holiday!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and probably one of my favorites in a long time!

It started yesterday with my parents coming to town and taking the boys to stay at a local hotel along with Livvi. So that meant a date night with the hubby and was supposed to mean lots of sleep... But we were up late getting a turkey into the smoker. Pretty sure there are very few things grosser than sticking your hand inside a raw turkey! Haha.

The turkey turned out delicious! Good job Mr.Pate!

Thanksgiving morning I was able to get up to a quiet house and enjoy my coffee and bible study, it was sooo nice. Then I watched a Christmas movie while peeling 10lbs of potatoes (note to self, way too many potatoes for us). Then I got some cleaning done before the crazies got back...

We headed to Uncle D's for lunch. Mr.Pate's mom, Sheldon, and Uncle Ed were there already.

The table was so colorful and fun!

Grady loves waving, high giving and shaking Uncle Ed's hand. It's really cute.

I love this pic- caught them both mid laugh!

These two hooligans...

My attempt at getting us all in the pic :-)

It was such a gorgeous day, so we played outside for quite awhile.

There was a competitive game of bocce ball!

Unfortunately, poor Grady wanted all the bocce balls so bad! Haha.

We moved inside later for some Just Dance...

And then to end the night, we played a new game Becky got me for my bday, Telestrations. It was super fun. The picture below was supposed to be "heaven"....

And when it got to me, I was told to draw a jail cell.... Bahahaha. Someone thought Heaven looked like jail?!!

It was a really great day. So glad we were able to enjoy our family and not be stressed. Thank you for traveling to us guys!!! What a blessing.

Happy Thanksgiving- now it's time to put up the Christmas Tree!!!

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