Friday, September 18, 2015

Grady is 10 Months Old!

This one turned 10 months old just a week or two ago! Goodness time is flying.

• I put him on our home scale and got 22lbs the other day!

• This month his two front teeth finally broke through! They have been bubbled up and giving him such a hard time for over a month now, so it's nice to finally get some relief. They are big and really spread apart (just like Griffins were). It's pretty cute.

• Grady started cruising around on furniture and walking behind his walker or when you hold his hands. Way to go buddy!

• He loves food. Especially any type of grain/carb. He goes crazy for biscuits, rolls, bread of any type, rice and oatmeal. This month we introduced chicken, pork and ground beef successfully. He liked them all but definitely prefers carbs :-) haha! I am pretty sure we have introduced most solid foods that are easy to put into small bites and not too hard except honey and peanut butter.

• He became a belly sleeper this month. I also transitioned him from the Velcro swaddled to the zippadee doo blanket thing. I have tried nothing a few nights but he just wakes up several times without it. I am gonna keep working on it. Overall he is still a great sleeper though, praise the Lord! He generally takes two naps at daycare and a short nap on the way home in the van.

• Grady is now signing "more", "dog", and kind of "all done". He says "ba" for ball now too.

• This month we put Grady in the power wheels with his brother, and he is a huge fan! It's so cute. He also got to ride a few rides at Beech Bend too!

• Grady finally starting waving and saying "hi" this month. He will do this every time he sees himself in a mirror or reflection especially- haha! It's precious really.

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