Monday, April 14, 2014

SGBC Eggstravaganza 2014

This past Saturday was our church's annual Easter egg hunt. Last year, we had it in our new building due to rain (like in classrooms!). It was better than nothing but was definitely a bit different. This year, the weather was so perfect! It was a gorgeous, sunny, warm day. Praise The Lord!

It is crazy to think how much my little guy has grown since his first hunt. This year he even helped us "hide" the eggs! He was a great helper all day.

He did great at his egg hunt too! He was running around picking up those eggs as fast as he could, which meant he missed his basket half of the time! Haha! I think he had a blast. So did Eli, Lilli, and even Ellie Girl!

Look how much older he and Eli look just from last year to this year!

Last year:

This year:

He can even climb up the inflatable all by himself now!! What?!!

- Mrs.Pate via my iPhone

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