Monday, June 3, 2013

Showering Baby Cayslee

Sunday we had a church baby shower for my good friend Nikki. Nikki and I taught the K-2 Sunday School class for almost three years together, and I adore her. I was actually very very pregnant at Nikki and Roberts wedding two years ago! Ha! So I am thrilled to be celebrating the upcoming birth of their own little princess soon. 

Fun fact: Cayslee is actually "due" on July 18, Griffin's birthday! 

We had a great time as a church family showering Nikki and Robert with gifts of love and baby stuff. Glad our little church nursery is growing :-) Baby Ellie needs another girl to help her get our rough boys in line. Haha. 

(We had the coolest cake ever!$ 
(My two favorite things she got- little baby toms! And oversized polka dot sunglasses, love them!) 
We love her!!! 

Congrats Nikki and Robert!

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