Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013

Yay for the Resurrection! Both today, yesterday and tomorrow! Easter really is something we celebrate and Praise The Lord for everyday, but it's fun to have a specific season to remind us.

We got up and headed to church Sunday. My mom had gotten Griffin a cute little linen outfit a long time ago, so we busted that out. Except for the tie, he wasn't feeling it so much! Haha!

Griffin got to help Daddy do the announcements at church, and I am pretty sure the crowd liked him more ;-)

After church we headed home for lunch. My mom, dad, Nanny Martha, Uncle D, and nieces all came over for an Easter meal. My mom had come early and gotten things ready for us (thanks mom!). It was very yummy. Then we played around the house for awhile. Griffin ended up taking his nap two hours late, yay! Haha!

Mr.Pate watched UofL win in basketball then we headed grocery shopping. Oh and daddy taught griffin to use the electric tape measure. He loves it! Haha! Oh and Griffin experienced earphones for the first time. He thought they were very cool. And we facetimed my sister, ashley and the girls. Super fun!! Love days filled with family time.

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