Saturday, June 9, 2012

Things of late

- The boy is officially able to go from sitting/crawling to standing on his own without having to pull up on something! I was beginning to wonder how we would teach him this bc he was not really attempting, then he just did it. It amazes me the things babies are wired to just start doing.
- The boy was super sick last week with some kind of virus and conjunctivitis in both eyes. We were dealing with temps of 103.8 for three days. Ugh! It was not fun. So glad he is better.
- Weaning is going well so far. We have dropped all daytime feedings now and I only nurse in the morning and before bed. My body has adjusted well and I can now go between those two with little discomfort. And no pumping! Woo hoo!
- We go to youth camp this week. I didn't go last year due to a large child in my small body, ha. So I am excite to go again and get this time with the youth. Griffin will be staying close by with his grandmothers.
- Griffin got his first professional haircut this week! He did great and pretty much sat still and watched.
- Our church building project is well underway. The entire education wing an children's house have been leveled. It looks very strange to drive up and only see our sanctuary standing with boards on the walls that used to be hallways. Ha! Yay for progress.
- I love going to Kyotos if we need to eat out as a fam of three. Their highchairs reach their table perfectly, you can order plain chicken and veggies for the kid and have leftovers for a week, and it's low key.
- Griffin is a table food lovin fool most days now. Loves chicken, peas, pears and carrots. Sometimes broccoli.Is becoming a fan of scrambled eggs! Also loves yogurt, rice cereal and oatmeal.
- My hubby is now a "Coffee Master" according to Starbucks. Way to go babe!
- Griffin seriously loves to randomly lay down now. It's funny.
Happy Saturday!

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