Friday, December 19, 2008

thanksgiving... about a month later

Well I know Thanksgiving was almost a month ago! But I have just not had time to blog about it til now. It was a fabulous day. This year we stayed home and had Justin's Mom, Grandma, Sheldon and Dustin over, as well as Gary and Becky.

So I cooked a Turkey. And it was surprisingly good. Anyhow, the food was great. But I just loved actually having a great day to relax with my hubby in my new home!! As newlyweds, we are usually the ones traveling to our families and never at home. While I like that most of the time bc it is like getting away, this year staying home was just what I needed. A few posts ago I talked about my favorite place on earth- my backyard. And at Thanksgiving we made another fire and had smores again!! Yay!! Here are some pics.

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