Monday, July 28, 2008

tired thoughts... with no point really

this year has been very full of tiredness.

i started the year tired from surgery. i had a tired voice and complete lack of motivation. i was also tired of my husband being jobless and us being churchless. just tired.

then i was tired from a lack of sufficient thyroid hormone. literally tired. it took months to get my dose right, and quite frankly we are still working on that.

and now i am just tired. i am so tired of constantly running running running. there are practically no margins in our lives. we run from thing to thing to thing. and it is not just the busyness, anyone who knows me knows i have been busy my whole life. i was born busy i think.

but there is something different about this busy, something that is leaving me feeling awfully cynical and negative.

i dont have a wise lesson to be learned here- i have something i am needing to learn i think. basically i am tired, and fighting negativity so hard, and i havent the slightest clue why. but if you are reading this- please pray for clarity and joy.

oh, and calmness hehe!


  1. I wish I could tell you that your world was about to give you a break! Haha, I will pray that the Lord will provide immense joy throughout all of the business though!

  2. Sabrina!
    Hey... while I am not there anymore, they could still benefit from getting a new scoreboard--a group of Christians are continuing the league... $3,000 will do it... thanks for the help!

    p.s. about being tired... i'll try to bring the life to the party at the BCM :)